Modern business world has already acknowledged tremendous power of ERP software systems. A powerful ERP system streamlines a full bunch of activities for large businesses. ERP software is enabling swift interactions of finance, sales, marketing, quality, supply chain, and other departments.

However, the main crux lies in selecting a right ERP for your business. A wrong choice might prove detrimental to your project and you might end up wasting your precious money. Having supplied many smart ERPs globally, we are glad to share our experience and knowledge.

Factors to Consider Before Selecting ERP Software

Check out the best tips to select the right ERP software for your organization. These guidelines will help you to make a precise selection.

#1 Identify and Prioritize Your Needs

Start selection process as you would do it for other things. List out your needs and what you expect. If you think your business is suffering due to lots of paperwork and repetitive works, you need ERP. Identify the challenges you would like to overcome with the help of ERP. Segment your needs into high and low priority type. Make a check-list of all the needs and it will be an organized and smart selection process.

#2 Comparative Evaluation

Select the top vendors of ERP and get a quotation. Consult an expert and list out the best ERP meeting your requirements. Carry out a comparative analysis of different options. Identify the one that precisely fulfils your business requirements. Also, consider the amount and ease of training required for operation.

#3 Get Live Demo

When it comes to important purchase like ERP, see before you believe. Once you select the topmost suitable ERP for your needs, get a demo. Check the easiness of the functions. Let your team know how it works. Discuss its features, strengths, and drawbacks with your team.

#4 Budgetary Considerations

As an entrepreneur or company, you will have your unique affordability. How much money are you ready to spend over ERP? What amount is worth allotting to ERP development? Get a limit beyond which it would not be affordable and viable.

#5 Customization

Once you have compared prices of the top right options, you can check for the factors like support and training. Get a detailed quotation and compare different offers thoroughly. If you do not have a big budget and special needs, no need for customization. If you are a start-up or not much sure about using it, get an instant program. You can hold on customization part for the time being.

Making Final Decision on ERP for your Business

All the key steps during the initial selection process will give you power to determine in a better way. Now you will be able to correlate your needs with the features of a particular ERP.

The best thing you should do before a final decision is to get real reviews. Do not rely on online reviews alone. If someone in your industry is using the same ERP, get his take on the product. This is the best way you will know how happy a user feels with the ERP. Yet again, do not forget to ask the reason if the user is not happy with it. Every organization has its unique needs as per the business size.

Given all the observations and information you have gathered by now, choose the best ERP. If the ERP scores high in all terms like needs, quality, prices, and functionality; do go for it. Last but not the least; get all the agreement with your vendor in written form. Also come to a mutual point on terms like training, support, and maintenance.