With all-in-one membership association software, your non-profit can keep track of member applications and contact information, and send out email campaigns to keep members up to speed on all that is happening. The purpose of this Software is to reduce the time needed for management to take care of administrative tasks by automating as much of them as possible online. 

All-in-One Membership Association Complete Solution

Glance of what our software features

The system is designed for associations looking for a robust, easy-to-use, technological solution that supports process integration and growth.All features in one solution which allow extending capacity any time.

The portal allows most easy way to be a member of an association. You can also subscribe for magazines to keep you updated and also can join events. One can share a private document to any other member of association. Portal facilitates you to print your ID card with your details.

The portal provides region wise and chapter wise membership.For instance, you can opt for memberships for both or either Southeast region and/or Florida chapter.

Benefits of region wise and chapter wise management:

  • Allows to send event notifications or updates pertaining to particular region/chapter

  • Email or SMS region/chapter wise

  • To get statistics of active members of a region /chapter

  • Document sharing to members of particular region/ chapter

  • Generation of bulk invoices of a region/chapter

  • Region/ Chapter wise report generation

  • Member directory access can be provided according to region/ chapter

Two types of membership are covered in this Membership Association Software. Which are Primary and Optional. Also you can have either fixed membership or rolling. Also portal allows to manage rebate amount within organization or external supplier as well.

Members of either type of membership can choose their payment mode like ACH ( Automated Clearing House ), PRD ( Payment Request Document), Paypal Online or yearly payment.

Main Features

 Dashboard in the Membership Association Software is instant snapshot of the most important activities.The dashboard contains instruments to create reports, import/export contacts, carry out analysis, and to perform segmentation of the target audience as precisely as needed. This stream is a universal interface that enables actions (notes, emails, tasks, meetings and phone calls) to be initiated on any object or objects in the CRM from a single point.

The dashboard allows you to create personalized invoices instantly. Client data from the from excel Sheets, provided by bank, are automatically inserted into an invoice – just select the appropriate Contact. Bank Audit System allows you to peep into Customers details who pay via bank cheque. It It also allows a person to add Bank cheque number through system and a person who submits cheque in a bank as well.Records of cheque numbers are captured digitally for the customers who pay via bank cheque. All the customers, who are remained to make payment via bank cheque, will receive a system generated alert. Admin can have details of how many clients haven’t been invoiced yet and so on.

Portal facilitates you to create multiple communities- each with its own settings, discussion forums, document sharing and so on. Foster improved communication and collaboration between your members within a secure online community. It also encourages networking through a searchable online directory with varying levels of access.


Your entire Web presence can be beautified by choosing ready-to-use themes.It gives you an ease in quickly building sophisticated web pages using highly configurable out-of-the-box drag & drop tools.


You can view reports by chapter, region, state and  by membership. Also reports are available in form of bar chart, line chart and pie chart which makes it smooth to understand statistics.

Membership Association Management

Audit Logs

Audit logs are at one’s disposal to track the date, time and activity of each user. Hence it is complete  non profit association management software.

Overall Features

  • Dashboard

  • Members Management

  • Membership Planner

  • Announcement

  • Events

  • Emails and Templates, Multi Account

  • Reports

  • Magazines

  • Attachments and Document Shares

  • Central Calendar

  • Contacts Management

  • CRM to manage members inquiry

  • Manage member’s meeting & Call logs

  • Control all notifications

  • Automatic Backup with Google drive

  • Automatic Renewals

  • Due Management

  • Bank Cheque Tracking & purity with alters

  • Access Control & Rights Management

  • Chapters/Regions Control & Distribution

  • Drag & Drop Content Management

  • SMS Templates (Send & Receive)

  • Member’s Portal Management

  • Newsletters & Email Campaign

  • Business Directory

  • Donate Online

  • Photos & Video Gallery

  • Association Report Writer, Memberships, Analytics, Custom Reports

  • Community Forum

  • Jobs & Online Application

  • News/Blogs Management

  • Security Audit

  • Marketing + SEO

  • Multi Language Supported

  • Multi Time zone Supported

  • Many Payment Gateway Supported

  • Dynamic Website Themes Available

Applicability With Application

The portal can be proven the best deal for you if your business lies in below categories.

  • Sports Teams & Leagues

  • University Clubs & Societies

  • Professional Associations

  • Nonprofits and Charities

  • Academic Groups

  • Shared interest & Hobby Groups

  • Community Groups

  • Residents Associations

  • Alumni

  • Meetups

  • Churches

  • Businesses

We offer complete ready Membership Association Management solution for you with great team. Our prices are most optimal and affordable. Feel free to contact us. We are happy to serve you.

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