Modern ERP Manufacturing Solution | BOM | Inventory | Automation

Modern ERP solution and manufacturing system offers the largest footprint to run better business. Integrated facets with product planning, multi-level BOM. Organised manufacturing process, integrated inventory, bar-codes, sales and purchase automated, marketing. Manufacturing driven by all cross-functional options and modular approach. One suite for complete manufacturing business operation.

PLM & Quality, BOM

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Manufacturing business with PLM is key important features for higher rate of success. Manufacture industries having wide range of production business domain. Having different kind of products and variants need to keep trace life cycle of product. Our solution gives planning for product and keep trace product life cycle. Agile PLM gives high rate of lean manufacturing process.

Quality Process

All manufacturer have production process with wide range of quality. Based on product development and quality verification process, our implementation gives features for quality process check. Allow you build finish product or on quality allow to reprocess it again.


Maintenance always required for manufacture to optimised production process. By qualifying quality it may need reprocess to send on final finish product. Maintenance process become key important part of any product life cycle.


  • Product Life Cycle

  • Calendar View

  • Bill of material with multi-level

  • BOM with set and manufacture

  • Integrated Inventory, multi warehouse

  • On demanded manufacture, integrated Sales & Purchase

  • Planning for inventory minimum rules.

  • Attachment of documents

  • Reports & BI

  • Notifications across complete manufacturing process

  • Simplified Workflow

  • Quality Control

  • Repair Management

  • Costing Process Management

  • Bar-code with each new manufacturing for unique serial, expire or lot numbers

  • Print labels

  • Accessible from Desktop, Mobile, Tablets.

  • Inbuilt communication.

  • REST API Integration with any other world.

Fulfilment Propositions.

Get most efficient manufacturing solution with inventory operations, configurable rules and parameters. minimum stock rules bases automated procurement system. Let the smart system process everything for you. Utilise inventory routes, product lead time and parameters allow to optimise inventory counts and avoid manufacturing execution shortages.


Speed up inventory process from purchase to manufacture, manufacture to sales, bar-code play important role to trace lots, serial numbers, unidentified finish products. Easily can trace products with expire and tracking numbers, as well able to print all kind of zebra label prints too.

Manager’s Preferred Reporting and KPIs

Reports for your needs and costing to tractability, performance reports, inventory reports, production estimation and costing reports. On demands reports are also available for dynamic needs. Dashboard system enable to trace eye on one screen to overall analysis. BI charts gives more interactive approach for decision making on production process too.

Modular Manufacturing Solution

Powerful modular cross-platform solution allow you wide range of feature to add on demands for your business. Allow to optimise cost of implementation as well stability for long term use our solution. Manufacturing all business process entirely covered with roles bases security protection layers, gives wide range of people to involved for software utilisation.

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