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Odoo hosting

Get the best and most power-packed managed odoo managed hosting that fulfills all needs. Let go4hosting’s experts handle and maintain your odoo VPS hosting for you.Our odoo hosting leads to better and optimized performance and helps you get over your competition.

Go with any plan as all plans include the following

  • Free weekly backup

  • Free Odoo installation

  • SSD storage for improved speed

  • Complete root access for customization

  • Better optimization in terms of speed

  • Free 24 hours live managed support

  • 99.99% uptime assurance

  • Firewall security



Odoo is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning software solution. The application has the tools necessary to manage almost all key aspects of a business including human resources, finances, manufacturing, warehousing, projects and more. With over 1000 modules to choose from‚ it is fully extensible. The modules can be customized to your liking without being loaded. Odoo offers a number of graphical business representations including charts and graphs. It also functions as a payment gateway complete with portal access for your clients.

Go4hosting is a reputed and reliable hosting service offering a bevy of high quality hosting solutions for businesses of all sizes and types. Our sophisticated data center guarantees unprecedented security of your data and information. Our servers offer blazing speed of operations and are highly reliable as well. We are committed to delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction with our impeccable support systems


Odoo hosting features

Odoo optimization and customization

We manually optimize and personalize your odoo hosting for better speed and performance.

Multiple databases arrangement

We can arrange your odoo server to serve and run multiple databases using DB-filter.

Enhanced NVME storage

All our servers are installed with NVME storage. It offers you better disk i/o performance as compared to a normal VPS on a traditional SSD

 Free weekly backups

All our virtual servers are backed up weekly thus providing you with fast and effective disaster recovery. Moreover, you can also go for daily backup as an

 Free website migration

Moving your website is never easier but with go4hosting, it is easy. Our Linux administrators will migrate all your data without any additional cost.

24 hours live support

\We are always available for you. Whether it is day or night, we are always ready to resolve your issues and respond to your queries.

What is ODOO?

Odoo is an open-source enterprise resource planning business tool written in python. It is a suite that allows businesses to use integrated applications for CRM, accounting, point f sale, finance, project management, e-commerce, human resources, and many others. The goal is to ensure easy and efficient management of the business. Since odoo is open source and free thus you will have an ROI as soon as you start. Moreover, there is a large community of users that uses odoo because of its vast functionality and simplicity.

The ERP and CRM that everyone uses across the globe were started back in 205 with Fabien Pinckaers who wanted to become a competitor to SAP. SAP is an enterprise software company that is currently ruling the market. He started his journey with a small project known as TinyERP, worked on it for more than seven years, added features that clients wanted, features like a module system.

During the development process, the name was changed to OpenERP. After that in 2010, Mr. Pinckaers received a huge investment of three million euros from sofinnova partners. The funding was used to hire new staff and open a new office in the United States.

Why Select Odoo Hosting?

  • Offers hundreds of integrations for CRM, ecommerce and more that can run on your own servers.

  • Makes it easy to organize your CRM sales funnel for easy tracking of the progression of deals

  • Offers customizable reports and analytics

  • Integration with Google services possible

  • Convenient single page view for all your reports

  • User-friendly Python programming language

  • Over two million active users

Why Businesses Should Consider Go4hosting For Bugs Hosting?

Go4hosting provides world class web hosting solutions to enterprises across various industry sectors. Our unrivaled experience in the hosting industry makes us the best hosting service destination to meet your all your server hosting requirements. Our state-of-the-art data centers are powered by the latest technology and designed for optimum security. Our technical professionals are regarded as the best in the industry and our pricing structure is extremely competitive.


Our broad range of advanced tools and templates allow easy customization of server functions to match your specific operational needs.

Fastest Deployment

Powered by cutting-edge technologies‚ our servers can deliver the smoothest hosting experience. You can launch your website and go live quickly.

High Network Availability

Our cutting-edge technologies are backed by redundant power supplies and come with a rock-solid failover functionality that guarantees high network availability.

 Fast Bandwidth

All our server hosting plans offer high bandwidth features for your operational convenience with the convenience of operating and managing your business from any geographical location.

 24X7 Tech Support

Our technicians are available 24/7/365 and have rich expertise in troubleshooting glitches associated with web and cloud hosting

 Reliable Customer Service

Our reliable customer service team can assist you expertly if you need their help in any aspect related to the systems‚ pricing and processes

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