Any organization works very hard to maintain their brand or service. Organizations have started understanding needs of customer and how customer’s experience is. They now believe in a customer-centric culture. Which refers to thinking the customer at the center of your business. It is not just enough to know need of improving customer support and trust. For that, organization needs to take right actions to make their customers happy. Here comes the need of having a Support Ticket Management System.

The Support Ticket Management System gives assurance of centralized communication. So faster and easier tracking of  the information is possible. It integrates many important tools that guarantee endless solutions of issues. It is better way of providing a customer support than just through emails, calls or other modes. This system automates processes, so it saves time. It can perform many tasks like reminding you to route a ticket to a specific user and so on.

The system can effectively perform several functions. It provides a single (or multiple) point of contact for users to gain assistance in troubleshooting, get answers to questions and solve known issues. You can easily get idea of popular or common issues.

How it works?

Dashboard, which is editable, very well supports multiple teams and plans. Using configuration in Dashboard, one can manage Support Tickets for different modules like ERP Support, Website Support,Web Projects etc. Customer raises a ticket with priority. All information related to ticket like ticket type, tag, priority, customer name, email address can be saved. Communications with your clients  ,related to tickets, also recorded.

Not all the tickets are same. The system makes it more easy task to respond to different kind of tickets with the help of templates. A ticket may have stages like undefined, draft and in-progress. Emails are sent to customers when ticket status changes.

Ticket tags allow for easy organization of tickets. They are valuable because tags directly recommend Knowledge Base articles depending on the tags assigned to it.

Manager can follow or unfollow tickets (in case of updates related to tickets not required).

Key Features:

  • Back-end help desk control

  • Front-end with customer portal for help desk ticket creation

  • Security

  • automatic backup

  • Website

  • FAQ

  • Forum Control system

  • Ticket Assign

  • Ticket communication with multi response as well

  • Email alerts

  • Support all browsers

  • Ticket Type, Stages, Tags

  • Allow to build “Helpdesk Teams” for each different support category or products, channels

  • Manager can Follow or unfollow alerts of updates

  • Bulk operation to close, reassign, batch reply, spam and trash tickets

  • Editable Dashboard

  • Email notification on status change

  • Complete Reporting

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All in one central system to control entire business