Purchase management solution for mid-sized companies key important to optimise spending. Growing business across the world use best solution for analyze their spending. With its comprehensive workflow and automation and user friendly features, both Purchase and Finance Departments able to utilise spend culture. SnippetBucket Technologies help to transform your purchase process.


  • Complete Workflow and Automation from an issue of tender to awarding the contract & communication.

  • Ability to issue tenders online and offline too, with all or some applicable vendor companies.

  • Enable automation with notifications of participating vendor companies with changes and specification needs.

  • Give option too with password protected procurement qualification features.

  • Tender details and submissions alerts on each workflow make awesome to engage all department.

  • Ability to analysis on historical tenders is key features for quick decision making.


  • Reduce Paper works and to keep remember too much tender stuffs.

  • Win And Lose Statistics With Interrogation Facilities

  • All changes and audit tracked

  • Kept all queries related to tenders for better assistance.

  • Template feature cut down tender drafting works.

  • Electronically Tender with portal management with online trader submission.

  • All historical bids kept one place and accessible all time.

  • Solution which available on demand.

The Purchasing application offers several features and benefits to state agencies that are designed to reduce time and effort and to enhance each agency’s business processes. Smaller agencies that cannot afford enterprise purchasing systems can be set up to use the SCO Purchasing application. Help line support, training, and end user documentation are provided. The State of Idaho will benefit by the reduced cost of doing business


Simple data entry tasks are greatly enhanced in the Purchasing application. When Entering requisitions, fiscal code fields are automatically verified by the application.Also, several fiscal code fields, such as PCA or Index, can be easily searched. When the correct ones are found and selected, any other related fields are automatically populated, saving time and reducing errors. You can also set up templates to use for future requisitions so that the data entry does not have to be manually re-entered. The templates can be modified to fit each successive purchase request. These features reduce the amount of time spent on data entry and also reduce the likelihood of errors due to manual data entry processes.


Our solution enable tender system with wide feature along with respect to highly security prospective. Security, user role, user responsibilities and limit to certain data in any software is key important. Our implementation manage all user with their access domain limits so business owner had to less worries on tender solution and any conflict to access requisition documents. Portal is widely adoptable for business vendor with their key app features and limitation of official documents, it keeps 360 degree of security and widely acceptable by glob.

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