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    About Us

    If you would like to get started as a front-end web developer, you are going to LOVE this course! Work on projects ranging from a simple HTML page to a complete JavaScript based Google Chrome extension. We will cover the following technologies in this course:

    Web development basics with HTML

    Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

    JavaScript programming

    jQuery JavaScript library

    Bootstrap framework

    Duration Time

    1 month Training


    What you'll learn

    Build a simple HTML text site

    Style web pages using CSS

    Program websites with JavaScript

    Build a Pipboy using Bootstrap

    Build and publish a Google Chrome Extension

    Course Contents

    Module 1 


    What is the Web?

    How Does It Work?

    How Data Finds its Way?

    The Server-side and The Client-side




    What is the Back End?

    Microservice Architecture

    Back-end programming


    Module 2

    Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)

    What is HTML?

    Attributes + Hyperlinking

    Headings + Lists

    Inline vs. Block Elements + Divs

    id + class Attributes

    The img Element

    Delving into Semantics

    HTML Tables

    HTML Forms

    Self-Eval Exercise 2: HTML5 ids and classes

    Self-Eval Exercise 3: Images, URLs and Beyond!

    Module 3

    Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

    1 Basics

    What is CSS?

    A Quick Look at CSS Selectors: Type Selectors

    CSS Selectors - again!

    Best Practices for Selecting Elements

    Selector Combinations

    Selector Group Priorities

    Calculating Selectivity

    Location Priorities

    Making sense of Colors in CSS

    Making Sense of Units in CSS


    Points and Picas



    vh and vw

    The Box Model

    The Box Model - in Examples.

    The Padding Area


    The Margin Area

    Practical: Applying Padding and Margins

    Using Floating Elements

    How Default Browser Styles Affect a Document

    The Concept of Cascade and Inheritance in CSS

    2 Text

    Text Alignment + Sizing

    Beginning with Type in CSS

    The font stack

    Serif and Sans-Serif

    Monospace, Cursive and Fantasy

    5 Font Tips You Should Know

    3 Images and Gradients

    Getting started with Background Images

    Sizing Background Images

    Sizing Backgrounds Using Keywords

    Sizing Backgrounds Using Length Measurements

    Introducing Gradients

    Linear Gradients

    Gradients are background Images!

    How Linear Gradients really Work


    4 Flexbox

    Introduction to Flexbox

    The Flex Container Properties

    The Flex Item Properties

    A closer look at Absolute and Relative flex-items

    Auto-margin Alignment

    What happens when you switch flex-direction?

    Building a Music App Layout with Flexbox

    Responsive Design with Flexbox

     5 CSS Grid


    Basic CSS Grid Terminologies You Should Know

    CSS Grid, Baby Steps

    Time to Code — CSS Grid, Hands-on

    Naming and Positioning Items by Grid Areas

    Grid area placement

    Responsive Design — Redefining Grid Areas with Media Queries

    Placing Content within the Grid.

    Making CSS Grid work with Flexbox


    Module 4

    1 Basics

    Introduction and Variables

    Data Types

    Add Additional Logic



    Undefined / Null

    Program Flow: Functions

    Program Flow: Conditional Statements

    Program Flow: Loops

    Data Structures: Arrays

    Data Structures: Objects

    Functions Are Just Variables

    More on Objects and The "this" Keyword

    Working With the Object Type

    A Quick Overview of Function Prototypes

    Instance Properties and Methods

    Var vs Let vs Const and the temporal dead zone

    Arrow Functions

    Default Function Arguments

    Additional String Methods

    Regular Expression Literals

    2 Advanced

    The JavaScript Object Notation

    Serializing and Parsing JSON

    Specifying Function Expressions

    Recursive Functions


    Removing Object Properties


    Spread Operator and Rest Parameters




    3 DOM Manipulation

    DOM Basics

    What the DOM Covers

    Accessing DOM Elements

    Adding / Removing Elements

    Modifying Element Attributes

    Event Listeners

    Modifying CSS

    Building an Image Carousel

    4 Functional Programming

    Context: A Movie List

    Program State

    Pure Functions

    Array Operations

    Higher Order Functions

    JavaScript: A Multi Paradigm Language

    Coding Challenge: Older Movies

    Coding Challenge: Government Forms

    Coding Challenge: Arrays Sum

    Coding Challenge: Students Results

    Module 5 


    1 Introduction

    About this Module

     2 An Infinite Scrolling List

    What is an Infinite List?

    Building an HTML Template for Infinite Lists

    Styling List items

    Server Client Communication

    Generating Tweets from Server

    Client Side Hydration

    Adding a 'Loading' Element


     3 A Dropdown Menu

    Important Features of a Menu

    Basic HTML Code

    Styling Conventions


    Styling your Submenu

    Getting Data from the Server

    Implementing the Behavior of Dropdown Menu

    Getting Varied Responses from Server

    Extending the Submenu Functionality

    Module 6 

    Launching a Website

    1 Essentials

    The Basics

    Getting Started

    Domain Name Registrars

    Steps to Register a Domain Name

    Thoughts & Theories

    Find a Web Hosting Service

    Critical Factors to Consider

    2 Publish Your Site

    Working with Secure Shell

    Pushing to a Version Control System Application

    Creating a Project on Google Cloud Platform

    Assigning a VM for Our Website

    Cloning a Repository

    Firewall Access

    Ephemeral and Static IP Addresses

    SSL Certificate

    Comparing Different Cloud Hosts

     3 Post Launch

    Web Analytics

    Search Engine Optimization

    Generate Revenue from Ads

    4 Conclusion

    Wrapping up

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