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    About Us

    Learn to leverage the power of React in this hands-on, project-based course. This online ReactJS course will take you from the absolute basics to building scalable, sophisticated web applications. You’ll learn all the latest ReactJS concepts - Redux, React Router, server-side rendering, JSX, events, Webpack, and much more with practical examples. The objective of this ReactJS certification training course is to make you a successful web developer with mastery over React. Get started with SnippetBucket technologies  ReactJS training today to turn your ideas into reality! for one person. If it’s genuine for the one, it’s genuine for the rest.

     Duration Time

    1 month Training

    What you'll learn

    Learn all the React fundamentals you need to know to get you above the ground

    Get your hands dirty writing and running real React code

    Learn to integrate your React frontend with a Firebase backend

    See how React pairs with Typescript to make more possible

    Use React Tracked to develop a small web app with global staters.


    Module - 1

    The Road To React- theone with hook

    Fundamentals of React

    Entering React after learning JavaScript

    Ternary Operator in React

    Object Destructuring & Spread Operators

    Arrow Functions in React

    Higher-Order Functions in React

    Map, Reduce & Filter in React

    Modularity & Import/Export in React

    Named & Default Exports

    Libraries in React

    Meet the First React Component

    React JSX

    Lists in React

    React Props

    React State

    React Advanced State

    React Impossible States

    Meet Another React Component

    React Component Instantiation

    React DOM

    React Component Definition (Advanced)

    Handler Function in JSX

    Callback Handlers in JSX

    Inline Handler in JSX

    Lifting State in React

    React Controlled Components

    Props Handling (Advanced)

    React Side-Effects

    React Custom Hooks (Advanced)

    React Fragments

    Reusable React Component

    React Component Composition

    React Asynchronous Data

    React Conditional Rendering

    Data Fetching with React

    Data Re-Fetching in React

    Memoized Handler in React (Advanced)

    Explicit Data Fetching with React

    Third-Party Libraries in React

    Async/Await in React (Advanced)

    Forms in React

    2 React Legacy

    React Class Components

    React Class Components: State

    Imperative React

    3 Styling in React 

    CSS in React

    CSS modules in React

    SVGS in React

     4 React Maintenance

    Performance - Avoiding First Render Computation

    Performance - Avoiding Heavy Computation

    Unit Testing to Integration Testing

    React Project Structure

    5 Fun Challenges

    Challenge: Sorting

    Solution Review: Sorting

    Challenge: Reverse Sort

    Solution Review: Reverse Sort

    Challenge: Remember Last Searches

    Solution Review: Remember Last Searches

    Challenge: Avoiding Duplicates

    Solution Review: Avoiding Duplicates

    Challenge: Paginated Fetch

    Solution Review: Paginated Fetch

    Module 2

    Integrating Firebase With React

    1 Introduction to Firebase

    What is Firebase?

    Why Use Firebase in React?

    Initializing the Application

    Verify: Setup

    React Router for Firebase

    Verify: Routing

    2 Firebase in React Setup

    Setting Up the Environment

    Firebase Authentication

    Firebase Database

    Firebase Hosting

    Creating a React App

    Project Configuration

    Initializing Firebase

    Exercise 1: Adding Firebase!

    Provide Firebase in React

    Exercise 2: Firebase in React!

    3 Firebase Interface

    Firebase's Authentication API

    Exercise 3: Firebase Authentication

    Sign Up with React and Firebase

    Sign-Up Form Validation

    Higher-Order Components

    Final Touches

    Exercise 4: Sign Up with Firebase

    Sign In with React and Firebase

    Exercise 5: Sign In with Firebase

    Sign Out with React and Firebase

    Exercise 6: Sign Out with Firebase

    4  Session Handling

    Session Handling with Firebase/React

    Exercise 7: Session Handling

    Session Handling with Higher-Order Components

    Exercise 8: Optimized Session Handling

    5 Password Features with Firebase

    Password Reset

    Password Change

    Exercise 9: Password Reset and Change

    6 Firebase Authorization in React

    Protected Routes in React with Authorization

    Exporting the Higher-Order Component

    Final Enhancements

    Exercise 10: Protected Routes

    7 Firebase Real-time Database

    Firebase Real-time Database in React

    Exercise 11: Real-time Database!

    Manage Users with Firebase's Real-time Database in React

    Exercise 12: Our Final App!

    Module 3
    Using TypeScript With React

    1 Why Typescript?

    Understanding TypeScript

    Understanding the benefits of TypeScript with React

    2 Using Basic Types

    Understanding the types in JavaScript

    Using type annotations

    Understanding type inference

    Understanding the any type

    Understanding and using the void type

    Using the never type

    Using the unknown type

    Using type assertions

    3 Creating Types

    Creating a strongly-typed array

    Creating a strongly-typed tuple

    Creating a strongly-typed object

    Creating type aliases

    Creating interfaces

    Creating union types

    Creating intersection types

    Understanding type compatibility

     4 Working with Generic Types

    Using some standard generic types

    Creating generic functions

    Creating generic interfaces

    Creating generic type aliases

    Creating generic classes

    5 Creating Strongly-typed Function Component Props

    Specifying a type for function component props

    Specifying a prop as optional

    Specifying a default for a function component prop

    Specifying a type for an object prop

    Specifying a type for a function pro

    Creating Strongly-typed Function Component State

    Creating strongly-typed function component states with useState

    Creating strongly-typed function component state with useReducer

    Creating Strongly-typed Class Components

    Creating strongly-typed class props

    Creating strongly-typed class state

    Using access modifie

    Creating Strongly-typed Component Events and Event Handlers

    Creating strongly-typed event handlers

    Creating strongly-typed events

    9 Creating Strongly-typed Context

    Creating a simple strongly-typed context for function components

    Creating a complex strongly-typed context for function components

    Consuming a context in a strongly-typed class component

     10 Creating Strongly-typed Refs

    Creating strongly-typed refs in function components

    Creating strongly-typed refs in class components

     11 Creating React Projects with TypeScript using Create React App

    Creating a basic project

    Configuring linting and adding autoformatting

    Running tests and producing a production-ready buil

    12 Creating a React and TypeScript Project Manually

    Creating a basic project

    Adding React and TypeScript

    Adding Babel

    Adding code linting and autoformatting

    Adding Webpack

    Adding npm scripts

    Module 4 
    React Trecked :Creating Web Apps With Global State

    1 Creating a Counter App only with React Context

    Creating a Counter App with useState

    Creating a Counter App with useReducer

    2 Introducing React Tracked to the Counter App

    Understanding Render Optimization

    Modifying the Counter App with React Tracked

     3 Developing ToDo App with React Tracked and useReducer

    Initial State and Reducer

    TodoList Component

    TodoItem Component

    NewTodo Component

    App Component and File Structu

    4 Developing ToDo App with React Tracked, useState and Immer

    Simple Store with useState

    useTodoList Hook

    useAddTodo Hook

    useDeleteTodo Hook

    useToggleTodo Hook

    useQuery Hook

    TodoList Component

    TodoItem Component

    NewTodo Component

    App Component and File Structure

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