Therapists Medical Solution

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    Therapist, Psychology, Skin Therapist, Hair Therapist, Body Massage, any medical session bases solution. 

     Enhance your medical business with 

    Make more easy session order and invoice & accounting

    Manage more easily online or onsite infrastructure with affordable solution


    Doctor Center

    Manage doctor, tags skills and speciality, contact, address, related actions

    Patient Diagnostic

    Manage patient, related actions, add related tags, contacts, diagnostic, medication, messages, notes. reminders, invoices, sessions and more...

    Session Bills

    Manage each session details and specification, including private message on each sessions.

    Print Report

    Print PDF all reports, more flexible to print, download.

    PDF Header/Footer

    Clinic or Business related each document with prefered header or footer.

    Invoice / Payments

    Manage client or vendor invoice, payments, due, tax, payment mode.

    Accounting / COA

    Business finanace for medical and country related accounting system, expense, income, banking details,  journal, finance reports

    Lead / Opportunity

    All control for leads to opportunity, support, contact, inquery and lot more amazing

    Inventory / Stock

    All products or internal material or stock of each item. Move medical business more smoothly. Even have multiple branches

    Prints / Email / SMS

    All communication with print, email templates, emails, sms, more fun to operate business

    Staff Control

    Manage employee/staff, attendance, expense and more.

    History / Audit

    All history details for your business, audit all activities of each users, even who view what ! More amazing to secure your sensetive business.

    Manage Doctors

    Easy to create, update, delete and search doctor details, even more quick actions from doctor screen.

    Manage Patient

     Easy to create, update, delete and search patient details, even more quick actions from patient screen.

    Manage Patient's session

    Session/ order for therapy or skin treatment or hair or any medical service.

    Invoice / Billing

    Manage Patient's final invoice / billing with all session details and charges. 

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