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    About Us

    PHP is the open-source server-side scripting language used for web development. It is a general-purpose language that helps to create projects like GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces). Many organisations prefer PHP language because it helps to perform system functions, handle forms correctly, access cookies variables, set cookies, and restrict users from accessing specific website pages.

    Our popular PHP Programming Training course is designed to cover vital skills for the learners and provide an understanding of PHP language, and develop dynamic and interactive websites effectively. Our highly skilled and experienced trainer will conduct PHP Programming training and help learners foster specific skills that will help them develop and succeed in their careers.

    Duration Time

    1 month Training

     What you'll learn

    You will learn to create a (CMS) Content Management System

    You will learn how to use Databases

    You will learn MySQL

    Object Oriented Programming

    You will learn how to launch your application online

    How to use forms to submit data to databases

    How to use AJAX to submit data to the server without refreshing the page

    You will learn about PHP security

    You will learn about sessions

    Password hashing

    Email sending

    You will learn to use composer (PHP package manager)

    You will learn to create clean URL's and remove the .php from files

    You will learn to use bootstrap by getting experience from the project

    You will learn to debug your code

    You will learn to create pagination

    You will code refactoring

    You will learn to debug (fix your code)

    You will learn to use an API to bring data from a database to a graphical interface

    There is so much more and my hands are just tired of typing :)

    Course Contents

    Module 1 

    Web development :unraveling HTML ,CSS and Java script

    1 Before We Begin

    About this Path

    About this Module

    2 Commencing the Journey: Introductions and Conventions



    3  A Short Tour of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

    Getting Started with Live Coding!

    Hands-On: Diving into HTML Basics

    How it Works: Creating a Basic HTML Page

    Hands-On: Formatting the HTML Page

    How It Works: Formatting Our HTML Page

    Inline Styling Our HTML Page

    Hands On: Using an Embedded Style Sheet

    How It Works: Using an Embedded Style Sheet

    Hands On: Moving Styles into a Separate File

    How It Works: Moving Styles into a Separate File

    Hands On: Defining Visual Behavior with CSS

    How It Works: Defining Visual Behavior with CSS

    Hands On: Adding Actions to the Web Page with JavaScript

    How It Works: Adding Actions to the Web Page with JS

    Meeting the DOM

    Leveraging Page Inspector

    Hands On: Using jQuery

    How jQuery Works

    Debugging JavaScript


    4 HTML5: First Impressions and Beyond

    The Unordinary Story of HTML5

    What's Behind the Term HTML5?

    HTML5 Markup Basics

    Using HTML <head>

    Defining HTML Content

    Exercises: Content and Structure

    Enriching Web Pages: Rendering Text

    Rendering Text: Code Along Exercises

    Using Reserved Characters and Symbols in HTML

    Adding Paragraphs and Text Breaks in HTML

    Enriching Web Pages: Adding Headings

    Enriching Web Pages: Adding Lists

    Enriching Web Pages: Adding Links

    Enriching Web Pages: Adding Images

    Lists, Links, and Images: Bonus Fun Exercise!


    5 Achieving Richer User Experience with HTML

    What it's All About

    Old Style: The Omnipotent <div>

    Structure and Semantics


    HTML Footers


    Figures in the Page



    Other Semantic Elements

    World of HTML Tables

    Defining a Simple Table in HTML

    Spanning Rows and Columns

    Markup for Table Headers

    Defining Styles for Tables

    Table Captions

    Compound Tables

    Hands On: Scrolling the Table Body

    How It Works: Scrolling the Table Body

    Making Things Exciting With Multimedia

    New HTML5 Markup

    How It Works: Using the Video Tag

    Hands On: Using the Video Tag

    Video Formats

    Hands On: Supporting Multiple Video Formats

    How It Works: Supporting Multiple Video Formats

    Video Resilient Web Pages and the Audio Tag

    What You Cannot Do with <video> and <audio>


    6 Forms and Controls

    Web Forms Basics

    Hands On: Representing Web Forms in HTML

    Controls Overview

    Hands On: Using Controls to Build Web Forms

    How It Works: Using Controls to Build Web Forms

    Hands On: Using Controls that Allow Specifying Options

    Hands On: Sending and Processing Form Data

    How it Works: Sending and Processing Form Data

    Hands On: Catching Data at the Server

    How it Works: Catching Data at the Server

    Using GET and POST

    Hands On: Making Use of More Controls

    How it Works: Making Use of More Controls

    Using Hidden Fields

    Using <optgroup> in Dropdown Lists

    Using Buttons

    Form Validation

    Validation Attributes

    Validation and JavaScript

    7 A Few More Things On HTML

    Other HTML Elements

    Thematic Breaks


    Images and Mappings

    Visualizing Progress

    Refining Markup Details

    Inline Frames

    Custom Attributes

    Hands On: Painting the Canvas

    How it Works: Painting the Canvas

    Hands On: Vivifying the Canvas

    How it Works: Vivifying the Canvas

    Hands On: Drawing the Trajectory

    How it Works: Drawing the Trajectory

    What Else You Can Do with a Canvas

    Facing the Past and Future of HTML5

    Issues with New HTML5 Tags

    HTML5 Tools and Validation

    Checking HTML5 Compatibility

    8 Delving into the Document Object Model

    DOM Basics

    Ubiquitous Language of Page Representation

    Cornerstone of Interactions

    The DOM Application Programming Interface

    What the DOM Covers

    Hands On: Querying the Document

    How it Works: Querying the Document

    Hands On: Changing the DOM

    How it Works: Changing the DOM

    Hands On: Completing Event Handling

    Navigating in the Document Tree

    Node Navigation Basics

    A Brief Navigation Reference

    Element Specific Properties

    Changing the Document Tree

    Adding New Child Elements to the Document

    Adding Adjacent Elements

    Removing and Replacing Elements

    Changing Attributes and Element Style

    Using Event Parameters

    Going Global: Global Attributes

    Going Global: Global Events

     9 Entering the Realm of JavaScript

    A Couple of JavaScript Peculiarities

    A Brief History of JavaScript

    Objects and Dynamism

    Functions are First Class Citizens

    Regular Expression Literals

    Placing JavaScript in HTML

    JavaScript Syntax Basics



    Argument Passing

    Understanding Scopes

    Working With the Boolean Type

    Working With the Number Type

    Converting to the Number Type

    Number Methods

    Working With the String Type

    Converting to Strings

    String Properties and Functions

    Working With the Date Type

    Working With the Object Type

    A Quick Overview of Function Prototypes

    Instance Properties and Methods

    Working With the Array Type

    Array Conversions

    Array Operations: Creating Stacks and Queues

    Array Methods to Manipulate Strings

    Array Methods to Change Element Ordering

    Advanced Array Operations

    Unary Operators

    Arithmetic Operators

    Equality Operators

    Relational and Boolean Operators

    Bitwise Operators

    Assignment Operators

    Conditional, Comma, typeof, and instanceof Operators

    Operator Precedence

    The if, while, and do-while Statements

    The for and for-in loops

    The switch and with Statements 

    10 Advanced JavaScript Programming

    The JavaScript Object Notation

    Serializing and Parsing JSON


    Specifying Function Expressions

    Recursive Functions


    Programming with Objects

    Object Properties

    Removing Object Properties

    Instantiating Objects

    Using Object Prototypes

    Object Inheritance


    The Browser Object Model

    Methods of the Windows Object

    The History Object

    The Location Object

    The Navigator Object

    The Screen Object

    Error Handling

    The onerror Event

    Managing Errors

     11 Introducing CSS in Style

    Styles and Cascading Style Sheets

    Styling Page Elements

    CSS At-Rules

    The Concept of Cascading


    Attribute selectors

    Group Selectors and the Universal Selector

    Pseudo-Element and Pseudo-Class Selectors

    Descendent Selectors

    Child Selectors

    Sibling Selectors

    Other Selectors

    Style Properties


    Length, Size Types and URL Values

    Baseline Style Sheet

    The Cascading Order

    Selector Group Priorities

    Calculating Selectivity

    Location Priorities

    Media-Dependent Style Sheets

    Adding Media Style Sheets

    Media Queries 

    12 Basic Style Patterns

    Text Formatting

    Font Type, Size, and Color

    Text Styles


    Styling Lists

    Using Web Fonts

    The Box Model

    Margins and Paddings

    Special Behavior of Margins

    Setting Up Borders

    Height and Width of the Box

    Boxing Inline Elements

    Using Floating Elements

    Using Background Images

    Positioning Background Images

    Aligning Background Images with Borders and Paddings

    Sizing Background Images

    The Background Shorthand Notation

    Styling Tables

    Basic Font and Colors

    Adjusting Text

    Setting Up Table-Specific Properties

    Styling Tips for Forms

    Module 2
    Learn PHP from Scratch

    1 Before We Begin

    About this Module

    2 Getting Started

    Hello World

    "Hello World" Explained


    Challenge: Displaying Output.

    3 Variables

    Variables and Data Types

    Quick Quiz on Variables

    Variable Variables


    Challenge: Make Variables

    4 Operators

    Introduction to Operators

    Arithmetic Operators

    Precedence and Associativity

    Comparison Operators

    Logical Operators

    Assignment Operators

     5 Conditional Statements

    if-else Statement

    if-elseif-else Statement

    Switch Statement

    Ternary Operator


    Challenge 1: Even or Odd

    Challenge 2: Making a Calculator

    6 Loops

    Introduction to Loops

    while Loops

    do...while Loop

    For Loop

    Foreach Loop

    Equivalence of Looping Structures

    Infinite Loops


    Challenge 1: Multiplication Table of a Number

    Challenge 2: Fibonacci Sequence up to n Number Of Terms

    Challenge 3: Pyramid Printing By Using For Loop

     7 Functions


    Passing Arguments in Functions

    Pass by Value

    Pass by Reference

    Variable Scope

    Challenge 1: Sum of two Numbers

    Challenge 2: Letter Grade to GPA


    Challenge 3: Fibonacci Sequence

    Quick Quiz on Functions

    8 Strings


    String Operators

    Built-in Functions

    Challenge: Check Substring


     9 Arrays

    Arrays and their Operations

    Challenge 1: Find the Maximum Value

    Multidimensional Array

    Challenge 2: Print a Matrix

    Quiz 1

    Adding Elements in an Array

    Removing Elements from Arrays

    Sorting Arrays

    Merging Arrays


    10 Classes and Inheritance

    Introduction To Classes

    Defining Classes

    $this and self

    Constructors & Destructors

    Method and Property Visibility



    Exercise 1: Calculating Area

    Exercise 2: Students Average Marks

    11 Exception Handling

    PHP Exceptions

    The Exception Class

    Custom Exceptions


     12 Conclusion

    Final Remarks

    Module 3 

    PHP for the Web: learn PHP without framework

    1 Before We Begin

    About this Module

    2 Serving Resources

    Serving an HTML File with the Built-In Web Server

    Adding a Favicon

    Security Announcement

    Communication between the Browser and the Server

    Quiz on PHP Web

    3 Serving PHP Scripts

    Dynamic Resources

    The Response: Status, Headers, and Body

    Constructing a Response

    Linking to Other Pages

    Passing Values between Requests

    Security Announcement

    Quiz on PHP Scripts

    4 Forms

    Submitting Form Data as Query Parameters

    Security Announcement

    Adding a Select Element to the Form

    Submitting Data via the Request Body: POST Requests

    Submitting Data via the Request Body: Reviving Functionality

    Quiz on Forms

     5 Cookies

    Purpose of Using Cookies

    Setting a Cookie

    Using a Cookie

    Cookies Are Headers

    Redirecting after Processing a POST Request

    Security Announcement

    Challenge 1: Showing "Congratulations!"

    Solution: Showing "Congratulations!"

    Quiz on Cookies

     6 Sessions

    Using Sessions for Storing User Data

    Session Files and Serialized Data

    Flash Messages

    Using Flash Messages Everywhere

    Quiz on Sessions

    7 Authentication

    Authenticating Users

    A Secret Page

    Setting Up a Login Form

    Process of Verifying Users

    Validating the Username and the Password with PHP

    Logging out

    Quiz on Authentication

     8 PHP Project Structure

    Header and Footer Snippets

    Passing Variables to Snippets

    Flash Messages Revisited


    From .html to .php

    Adding Navigation

    Adding a Stylesheet

    Routing: Mapping URLs

    Routing: Displaying the Not Found Error

    Project Challenge: Create a Task Management Application

    Project Solution: Create a Task Management Application

    Quiz on Project Structure

     9 CRUD Part 1: Create

    Saving JSON-Encoded Data in a File

    Adding a Tour

    Form Validation

    Showing the Submitted Data in the Form

    Listing Tours

    Project Challenge: Create and List Tasks

    Project Solution: Create and List Tasks

    Quiz on CRUD Part 1

     10 CRUD Part 2: The Rest

    Identifying Tours to Edit

    Introducing Some Reusable Elements

    Editing Tour Data

    Deleting Tours: Implementing Soft-Deletion

    Deleting Tours: Challenges of Soft-Deletion

    Project Challenge: Edit and Delete Tasks

    Project Solution: Edit and Delete Tasks

    Quiz on CRUD Part 2

    11 File Uploads

    Adding a Details Page

    Uploading a File

    Processing the File Upload

    Showing the Uploaded Picture

    Replacing the Existing Image

    Form Validation for File Uploads

    Quiz on File Uploads

    12 Error Handling

    Producing an Error

    Using Different Configuration Settings in Production

    Displaying an Error Page

    PHP Errors

    Quiz on Error Handling

    13 Automated Testing

    Setting Up the Environment

    A First Test

    Creating Our First Browser Test

    A Test for The Pictures Page

    Writing Tests for the Tours: Create a New Tour

    Writing Tests for the Tours: Edit a Tour

    Troubleshooting and Suggestions

    Project Challenge: Create Tests

    Project Challenge: Solution

    Quiz on Automated Testing

    14 Conclusion

    Final Remarks

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