Open Source CRM for small and medium size businesses, Enable Cloud or On Premise CRM implementation.

Customer relationship management, our CRM is great solution for new growing small, medium and large sized businesses, a small companies starting with our CRM implementation solution and they can use till they become big business in international market. CRM helps to manage customer request, leads, manage business opportunities and graceful gives more sales. It help to control different business with different personalised pipelines. Yes. it allow you to manage your team based different lead flow and flexible to drag and drop with user interface. Our CRM solution implementation manage customer to less spent time on technical stuff and manage more faster productive way to handle customer and customer communication with dynamic workflow.

Flexible CRM

SnippetBucket Technologies enable your business to handle customer dynamic requests easily with CRM solution. Enable sales pipeline with drag and drop with lead management with different stage in Kanban, Also enable opportunity workflow more easier. Email and Email template integrated too, so can faster to communicate. Lot more views and user interface without any code knowledge able to change and able to improve any time.

CRM sales funnel | Pipeline CRM

Allow you to manage funnel chart and different report, also given widely adaptability for dashboard. Yes. CRM with dashboard functionality to get one shot of CRM status in business. Organise your CRM process more easier to deal with customer, our solution enable more focus on creating and capturing opportunity from customer.  Lead team can enable different visual state to control huge lead too, highly reduce paper works because in build notes and comment and meeting per leads / opportunities.

CRM forecasts Leas & Sales

  • Real-time CRM Report, Chart for quick view and simply your business process.

  • CRM with smart insights

  • CRM Dashboard enable overall picture of revenue.

CRM Solution enable you business to stay connected with messaging and email marketing features.

CRM with Drag & Drop & Rational Approach

This CRM system enable your business process with less type and more drag and drop activities. Lead with different stages can be move from one to another via just drag and drop pipeline(Kanban-CRM). Also similar high degree of opportunities can be organised with drag and drop stages with sales team. Its fully enable customisation enable stages, able to add more stage or modify as per business domain required, even same business people can change lead pipeline as according business needs.

What’s advance ! Yes their are lot more…

  • Easy to add more new features.

  • Allow to modify workflow

  • Security with roles and global filter, Also rules feature.

  • REST Enable API, easy to integrate any third-party system.

  • Allow to generate leads via web forms, social networking too.

  • Email Marketing feature with email templates

  • Gives You website features too for better product or services information or sales.

  • Allow portal customer to access lead control to.

SnippetBucket believe to enable small to big business with CRM features and make them fast grow-able with optimised cost and quality solution with highly experienced team.