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” Drive profit through better spend visibility “

Franchise Common Question!

Purchase request is most cumbersome execution of any medium to big business. To collaborate all companies or branches request and consolidate quantities, with vendor portal is most challenging stuff. SnippetBucket Technologies come in front of many business too help to overcome this troubles. Let’s get below notes.

How to manage different purchase request of business ?

A founder of growing company or a responsible CTO majorly looking to extend their business with more branches and sub companies. As smarter people prior think on their management as well. To fullfill each one needs served in well manners so business cost to be reduce and optimize purchase at modern level. SnippetBucket Technologies modern business approach toward purchase, builld unique request engine workflow execution system.

A company or firm with multi branches or multi company, with different location and based on different timezone, intelligence SnippetBucket consolidate engine helps each company to get benefits of price and vendor selection. Vendor portal helps all vendor to quick and easily fill their price details.

How to manage vendor portal for purchase workflow ?

It’s lot more difficult to control lot many vendors, their locations, their availability. Communication with vendors to each request. Vendor based to get prices every time new companies demands come. As well approved vendors to access in business, more transparent process with vendors.

SnippetBucket Technologies enable vendor portal all in one solution. To get all consolidated request in single screen, email alert, message alert. Helps vendors to don’t forget their opportunities to deal routine. As well their own control panel make their own unique profile own way. Easy to update price range, confirmation process, delivery time and efforts. We build more advanced version of vendor portal to help businesses more productive and reduce human errros.

Accessible, Convenient & Manageable

What is establishment of protocol for Companies and vendors ?

Manage wide business with many branches or sub companies not quite easy job. It’s required lot standards and protocols to operate it. A founder or CTO mainly loves standard procedure so unique and easily operate their businiess.

SnippetBucket Technologies enable solution with set of protocol and workflow which companies loves to make life more happier to manage different franchises or branches or companies.

We introduce request engine solution with ERP enabled all operation. Make all in one solution, so these days multi company, multi currency, multi language based our solution easily operate your wide businesses.

Close your company’s books faster

” help ensure your purchases arrive on time and reduce human interaction, the amount of manual data entry. “


  • Approval workflow

  • Purchase Order Generation

  • Delivery Tracking

  • Notification Engine

  • Request Processing Engine

  • Vendor Portal

  • Multi Timezone

  • Multi Currency

  • Support International languages

  • User role controls

Centralized Software, Automation make success !

Automation is key important for any business either small or wide scal of organizations. Request engine with automation regardless of communication or human interactions enable all parties or people to centralize success the purchase demand on time.

SnippetBucket Technologies think in advance to modernization the big businesses to over come daily trouble with centralized solution. SnippetBucket ERP Team always ready for business to make their success level.

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