SnippetBucket Technologies follows a Lean Digital approach that harnesses design-thinking methods, Lean principles that enable end-to-end process redesign, and advanced digital technologies, underpinned by domain knowledge.

Using our unique Smart Enterprise Processes as a framework, SnippetBucket Technologies enables organizations to reimagine business outcomes.

SnippetBucket Technologies’s platforms & systems will help business and operational functions; Finance and Accounting create an agile technology layer that complements existing systems of records, providing enterprise-

wide continuity of information and operations.

This suite of solutions includes modules for order to cash (O2C), procure to pay (P2P), and record to report (R2R) to cover key F&A activities, end-to-end, including credit, invoicing, collections, cash, payables, and financial close processes. These solutions easily integrate into any existing ERP systems environment

Q2C | Quote To Cash

Transform your customers’ experience during the sales cycle and provide powerful processes, tools, and analytics to improve your “Speed-to-Bank” activities.

P2P | Procure To Pay

By providing powerful processes, tools, and analytics, you can improve sourcing, procurement operations, invoice processing and payments, T&E activities—in turn accelerating “Speed-to-Value.

R2R | Record To Report

Improving the speed and accuracy of this process provides significant advantages to improve “Speed to Close” and “Speed to Value.”

Visibility into financial performance

Industry specialised

SnippetBucket creates processes and technology-enabled designs to transform accounting services across a range of functions.

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