Point Of Sale & Enable Restaurant with Floor Plan

POS software is key important for all retailer business to deal faster and easier. Growing business to handle customer traffic with one touch screen app. Retailer or Restaurant with lot more dynamic needs to manage customer, products and organize all these request point of sale is heart of retail business. software also communicate with inventory system to track products and enable easy to manage restock, enable bar-code, product expire with point of sale make quality software in retail business. point of sale easily enable loyalty, credit money, rewards, customer notes and more features. SnippetBucket Technologies for retail business and restaurant business enable faster and easy way to handle customers with requests and well organized way to manage business documents, users and rule & responsibilities.


SnippetBucket Technologies enable point of sale system for business more easier to operate and configure. You can setup in minute and able to start sell immediate. Just few configuration and touch enable your entire retail business with multi user environment for sales. Quick mobile and tablet friendly so you can more enjoy sales the way you want. Easy to track Order and previous order on session, enable responsive nature added by SnippetBucket Technologies gives more wide range of usage.

Online or offline

Our Solution for your fast business enable point of sale with offline mode, so even internet not available or disconnected, you still able to process sales in your business, with online mode enable your business to keep sync all and enable more users to connect with more terminal system. Yes, it enable more terminal per users with per user preference, also manage point of sale cashbox, printer, barcode works with online and offline mode too.

Compatible with any hardware

No compatibility issues it works with any hardware or any operating system, even responsive in nature done by snippetbucket technologies so works with your mobile, tablet, desktop, on fail of one desk, you able to immediate switch to other hardware too. Its also gives on hardware exporting of orders feature make high rate of stability on business.

Keep in touch with your customers

Ooo Yaa, Point of sale with customer management too, ability to manage customer credit, loyalty, rewards their information to manage future marketing.

Point Of Sale with Customer Credit

Yes, payment in point of sale is key important features for any retail business, here you can manage payment with cash, credit card, debit-card, paypal, bank, allow to manage different bank journal too, additionally allow to pay with credit points and cash jointly too, you can get 50% payment by cash and rest with credit card too, SnippetBucket Technologies believe to cover all key important features for retails and all other business too.

Order Return & Historical Orders Controls

For fast business and caring customer demands on time and keep long term relation with customer is key important for long term all businesses, so manage customer order and return or replacement is always needed in any retail business, many customer with historical order to modify is also additional key important features for point of sale base software, SnippetBucket Technologies care more and more to advantages solution for all business application, Yes. our solution fully adoptable and customization too.

Automatic Backup With Google Drive !

Ohh.. Crash and any time lost of data, it means lost all customer details and order and profit and loss and inventory details for medium and big organizations, it lost all customer credit, locality, their history and price-list and all other key important documents… To over come SnippetBucket Technologies enable automatic backup system for point of sale so you can take backup every hour / weekly / monthly to your google drive and any time restore any back within few minutes… that’s make perfect point of sale for damage control, snippetbucket technologies internationally available and make more better businesses.

Point Of Sale Additionally Able to,

  • Manage Multi Price-List

  • Price List Per Customer

  • Black List Customer

  • Reward Customer

  • Credit Money By Customer, With Accounting

  • Customer with Unique Bar-Code

  • All products with Bar-Code

  • Point Of Sale with Printer, Barcode, Cashbox, hardware proxy.

  • Stock Counts

  • Multi-Payment Options

  • Business Reports

  • Email Alerts

  • Email Marketing with grad and drop content builder.

  • Customer Survey Just in A minute.

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