The PHP world widely expanded in every country. Major great platform and online solution platform are with PHP and related frameworks. To integrate Odoo or ERP with any php platform, we need connector. Here we build world easy and open source connector. Which brings most easy way to connect platforms. Our odoo connector have less code and most utilizable with options. ORM method easy to use. Already many business company taken our support and implemented their successful integrations. [email protected] share your need we better assist you serve your projects too.

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[Its support SSL enabled Odoo/OpenERP Instances too.]

XMLRPC Connecotor communicate with OpenERP Server 6 and 7, 8.0 version too. One of tested and well worked PHP Connector. AGPL V3

We had been successful delived many mobile apps, eCommerce apps and many other business apps, by using this simplest, powerful connector.

License: AGPL V3, No exception, by using this lib, you can keep private your code/modules.

Kindly contact us for integration & implementation, We are happy to serve you.

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Create own UI and Module Integrated thing with this library & you get own tradmarked front-end brand.

Example Code

$instance = new OpenERP();

$x = $instance->login(“demo”, “demo”, “demo”, ““);

$fields = array(‘id’,’name’,’model’);

$ids = range(1,2);

$partners = $instance->read($ids, $fields, “res.partner”);


Below example to execute workflow.

=========== example to use workflow,

$x = $rpc->login(….);


 $rpc->workflow('sale.order', 'order_confirm',  $sale_order_id);
 $rpc->workflow('sale.order', 'manual_invoice',  $sale_order_id);
 // this way can execute any workflow or workflow signals...

} // Similar button_click method also added.

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