VirulBox with MAC OS to build ionic application, make ios application without use of MAC Desktop or MAC laptop.

Downloaded prebuild OSX Vagrant boxes here :

Then vagrant up and vagrant halt

Start virtualbox

Install nodejs (npm included)

Do sudo xcodebuild -license accept

Do sudo npm install -g ionic cordova ios-deploy ios-sim


Mac OS X Vagrant box for VirtualBox

This is a issue tracker for OS X Vagrant boxes, which can be found in Download section

Box was tested only on VirtualBox with Mac OS as a host. Mainly, I made it to build our iOS applications via CI-server.


Since VagrantCloud can’t host this images, you can use direct links to download them. Download speed may be slow.

Also you can download older boxes from Hashicorp Atlas page AndrewDryga/vagrant-box-osx/ (if it’s accessible at the moment), or simply by starting with vagrant init AndrewDryga/vagrant-box-osx instead of url.

Setting up

  1. Install Vagrant and VirtualBox;
  2. cd into your project directory;
  3. Run vagrant init;
  4. Your Vagrantfile should be ready as soon as Vagrant downloads box;
  5. Start VM by calling vagrant up.