In ERP System many cause action to required cancel invoice or delete invoices. Cancel invoice or Delete invoices operation is most common practice for finance people.

Cancel Invoices

Allow Journal to Mark Entries Cancel

Enable Cancelling invoices feature via  “Cancel Journal Entries” feature.

Once you enable it, next is to set “Allow Cancelling Entries” option from each journal where would you like to set this feature.

Once expected journal configuration you completed, You have cancel invoice button feature in your invoice.

Yet this point, you had all open invoice able to cancel feature ready. In case cancel invoices need to delete, than set as draft and able to delete invoice as well.

Mark Unpaid Invoices

Now learn, how to edit or delete or cancel invoice which already mark as PAID, Let see below steps.

Paid invoices had a small button next to total field as how in below screenshot.

“UNRECONCILE” Button as see at bottom of screen. Once you click, you mark paid invoice as unpaid.
Than after you can cancel or delete invoice as demand of time.

Note: Solution works with community and enterprise or cloud services as well.