Odoo Enterprise comes with paid version, as Odoo journey starts with community edition and lots of effort placed by community people to build great OpenERP / Odoo / TinyERP, once TinyERP functionally great, it become OpenERP, as OpenERP web version become great with community effort, it become Enterprise Edition.

Now Odoo is paid version even fabian decide to make it free !  As below tweet indicated.

Unfortunately, tweet deleted not by community.

Let’s talk on Odoo Enterprise version can you use as free ? No is not possible.

update ir_config_parameter set value = '7799-02-04 13:49:32.558656' where id = 8;
# Here id = 8 may different based on odoo installed.

This worked for me and removed license message from odoo enterprise edition. It’s not good to do for production. In case you want to use only for testing or face issues during development or testing it.

Source: https://www.quora.com/Can-you-install-odoo-9-enterprise-for-free#!n=12

Note: Odoo community and Enterprise edition both equal and works great. Enterprise all addons works in communication edition as well. Event I strongly recommended using community edition is best option. Experienced that even we pay a big amount for enterprise edition, there are lots bugs. Plenty custom modules / addons easily portable to community edition easily. It can build any single feature available in Enterprise edition for community edition.

  • Enterprise kind of theme available for community edition.
  • Enterprise kind of addons available for community edition.
  • Something you pay for enterprise edition, you can pay little and get in community edition as well.

We had implemented government, banking, NGO, Cloud platform with Community edition, which yet date worked, wonderful.

It’s very expensive to afford Enterprise edition and add more custom modules on it. With many hidden limitations.