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Git Revision Control

How to undo commit on git ?

git reset –hard HEAD~1
note: its works in case yet not pushed.

Above command remove most recent commit from branch, fire again remove most recent commit again as respectively process carried. git rebase -i HEAD~N here N indicate number, 1 mean most recent 1, 2 mean most recent 2.

How to undo upto targeted commit id !

git reset –hard <sha1-commit-id>

<sha1-commit-id> give your commit-id,

How to undo all even pushed ?

git push origin HEAD –force

How to delete commits from a branch in Git ?

git reset –hard


How to see log ?

git log

How to commit ?

git commit -m “comment” -a

How to push to master ?

git push -u origin master

How to Search change by content ?

git log -S'<a term in the source>’

How to git push to different branch ?

This push to the same remote but a different branch

git push <branch with new changes>:<branch you are pushing to>

git push origin dev:master

This push dev branch to master branch

How to Pull from a different branch ?

git pull origin master:dev

Very helpful when new project from older or need to test other branch in our main branch

How to delete a remote branch by push ?

There is a lesser known fact that you can delete remote branches by pushing into them.

git push origin :<branch>

git branch -av  # display details
push codebase :dev
git branch -av

How to pull without merge commits ?

git fetch <remotename>

How to Remove sensitive data from history, after a push ?

git filter-branch –force –index-filter ‘git rm –cached –ignore-unmatch <path-to-your-file>’ –prune-empty –tag-name-filter cat — –all && git push origin –force –all

How to Sync with remote, overwrite local changes ?

git fetch origin && git reset –hard origin/master && git clean -f -d

How to List of all files till a commit !

git ls-tree –name-only -r <commit-ish>

How to list all the conflicted files ?

git diff –name-only –diff-filter=U

How to List of all files changed in a commit ?

git diff-tree –no-commit-id –name-only -r <commit-ish>

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