Django framework, python best and stable most popular framework. SnippetBucket had specialized on django with database model, controller, rendering, REST-API, automation for django heart-bits, django-aws support and deployment.


Many startup companies now a days for lean and fast development of their products, ideas believe to use platform which versatile and flexible. Startup company initiate their first concept than they need strong features. Once startup companies goals achieve then they all need to expand and more cluster and storage. As nature of startup Python-Django make more success to their ideas.

Old Is Gold

Django is one of most oldest framework with strong, accurate and best python programming, Django keep progress and had continue updated their frameworks. As compare to other framework django had inbuilt lot many stuffs, also database no effect a lot. Django model manage all database communication and gives extra layer to enjoy business modeling. Now recently release django 2.x and higher with Python-3 makes it amazing faster and better. Django already had inbuild route, controller, model and admin security features. That’s make it quick useful for production for small to mid-size businesses.

What Django had as technically !!!

Django is framework over python layer, django platform independent works as web framework and can be use for client-server architecture smartly. It had wide range of plugin / extensions, which make it great and widely useful.

Note: We manage virtual-environment for project projects where its applicable, we extra-ordinary people for making successful software implementation and deployments.

below stuff with django,

  • MVC-Model View Controller
  • Decorators
  • Default communicate with sqlite database.
  • Works with database like MySQL, SQLServer, Oracle, MongoDB, SQLite, etc.
  • Automation, enable scheduler or cron, kind of heart-bit.
  • Django-Jet, enable nicer back-end.
  • REST-API, Able to communicate with any external software
  • Django best for AWS Projects, AWS EVN Awesome Deployment.

Wide range of django skills where SnippetBucket Technologies proficient. We give extra layer for django-projects so any requirement able to quickly fulfill. Our solution default gives email sending, receive features, email template, automation, sales, purchase, customer, profile, products, invoice features. Django with Sign-Up, Sing-In and forget password like core feature already SnippetBucket Technologies had enable for our customers. Also we use bitbucket for all revision control feature. To keep protected customer from any code damage. Keep all secured.

Django can be user for website, web-apps, mobile apps, client server, as back-end of Desktop GUI.

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Provide use your requirement we assist you to estimate project timelines and estimation most optimized way with all legal documents and NDA and highly trusted, support tickets.

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