CentOS Linux Operating System is one of best linux distro, best for odoo app framework. CentOS mainly a community edition of RedHat Linux. So performance wise CentOS is key important. Just command lines hard for newbies.

ODOO work with port 8069 and as well 8072 as default. Never we advice direct run odoo on 80, as better to use apache / httpd server and manage with proxy. so it extend capability of ODOO in multi architecture.

Business owner always prefer to make backup and as well love to run multi database for multi purpose, so adopting this way architecture bring new capabilities. As well flexibility to run multi version.

Setup SSL for ODOO Server

We accept odoo implementation and setup for your business, government or organization or any custom needs. With mobile application and integration support too.

Feel free to contact us, we are happy to serve you for long term with optimized budget. Additional many free plugins and free training with long term support.

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