Database Management systems are important to businesses and organizations because they provide a highly efficient method for handling multiple types of data. They organize data in a manner which allows us to query, sort and manipulate data in various ways. MySQL is a freely available open source Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) that uses Structured Query Language (SQL). It is commonly used in combination with PHP. It is popular because it is quick, flexible and reliable. Another such versatile and reliable RDBMS is PostgreSQL. In MYSQL and Postgresql DBA Training in Ahmedabad, we will take care of every aspects of DBA.

MYSQL and Postgresql DBA Training in Ahmedabad

Why learn MYSQL & PostgreSQL?

  • MySQL is Secure, inexpensive, Fast, Heavily Supported and Scalable: MySQL database software is free to download from the official portal. It uses solid data security layers to protect sensitive data from outside access. MySQL is faster in terms of performance. It can be run it on any platform regardless of Operating System.
  • PostgreSQL is a general-purpose object-relational database management system. It is not controlled by any corporation or private company. So the source code is available free of charge. It allows you to add custom functions developed using different programming languages like C/C++, Java. It offers encryption at several levels and provides flexibility in protecting data from disclosure due to database server theft, unscrupulous administrators and insecure networks. It has native support for using SSL connections to encrypt client/server communications for increased security.

Course Content

Python-training-in-ahmedabadBasics of RDBMS
Python-training-in-ahmedabadACID Prop
Python-training-in-ahmedabadMYSQL Server Installation
Python-training-in-ahmedabadPostgreSQL Server Installation
Python-training-in-ahmedabadHow to getting started with PostgreSQL?
Python-training-in-ahmedabadManage Users and Security
Python-training-in-ahmedabadDatabase backup
Python-training-in-ahmedabadTrouble Shooting DB issues
Python-training-in-ahmedabadPerformance Tuning
Python-training-in-ahmedabadHow to monitor Database?

Our curriculum for MYSQL & PostgreSQL DBA

MYSQL Server Files & Scripts

 MYSQL Server
 MYSQL Client
 GUI Tools

Installation & Configuration

 Installation on Windows & Linux
 MYSQL Objects
 Working with mysql configuration file
 Configuration of Log Files
Server and Dynamic System Variable
 Shutdown Process

User Management

 Creating and Delete Users
 Manage Users & Passwords
 Grant & Revoke Privileges


 Physical & Logical Backup
 Cold & Hot Backup
 Enable/Disable binary Logging
 Understanding binary Log Architecture
Restoring backup

Database Maintenance

 Backup and Recovery
 Point-In-Time Recovery
 Maintenance and Crash Recovery
 MYSQL Local Setting
Table Information

Handling Security Issues

 Securing Database against attacks
 Security Issue with LOAD DATA LOCAL

Performance Tuning & Trouble Shooting

 General DB Issues and solutions
 Understanding error logs
 Index Suggestions
 Optimizing mysql Database
Query Cache Tuning
Hardware Optimization
Optimizing Queries

Install and Configure PostgreSQL

 PostgreSQL system architecture
 Installation & Creating Database
 Connection, Memory, Free space, Log Management Settings
 Starting the Server
 Shutting down Server
 Creating Database Clusters
 Setting Parameters


 Preventing Server Spoofing
 Securing Connection with SSL
Encryption Option
 Connection Setting
 Security & Authentication

Performance Tuning

 Log Management
 Index Suggestions
 Query Plan Selection

PostgreSQL SQL Language Basics

 SQL Syntax
 Data Definition
Data Manipulation
Data Types
 Functions & Operators
 Types of Indexes

Server Administration

Installation from Source Code
Server Setup and Operation
Server Configuration
Database Roles
Managing Databases
High Availability, Load Balancing, and Replication
Backup and Restore
Routine Database Maintenance Tasks
Recovery Config
Database Monitoring


Nothing more than Basic knowledge of Database is required !!!


This course offers the administration and performance tuning aspects of MYSQL & PostgreSQL databases. Attendees will learn each and every aspect of DBA activity in this course. This MYSQL and Postgresql DBA Training puts weight on both theoretical and practical parts.

We have highly experienced trainers to resolve your every query related to Database so you can master in Database Administration. Our trainers are well aware of the professional challenges that one may face in an organizational environment.

Time Frame

It takes only one month to get hand-on with Database Administration !

Earn a Certificate

After finishing the course, you’ll earn a Certificate for MYSQL and PostgreSQL Training. You can share it with prospective employers and your professional network.


5000 INR

So what are you waiting for? Take your career to next level by opting this training and become professional DBA !!!

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