Odoo Experience 2018 – Digitalize Your Accounting Operations with Artificial Intelligence, Document module with OCR / fx.r feature, Auto detect data and create new invoice from PDF.

Odoo Enterprise 12.0 Started Own product marketing with Artificial Intelligence. Here mainly to understand this approach that, Enterprise edition does not gives any AI or Deep Learning based modules nor machine learning based any addons or code.

Enterprise edition comes with true fact of API of ODOO where they submit client documents to their own server via API, those OCR algorithm on web services enable to detect label based analysis and send back to odoo-server to search and update records in odoo tool.

URL: http://iap-extract.odoo.com/iap/invoice_extract/get_result

All documents of all enterprise-clients, all clients data now submitted to API for processing and re updated back. Here consider this smart system only works when ODOO Enterprise Online in case internet not available or offline, this feature will not work.

!!! In our notice we don’t found odoo follow GDPR policy to enable / disable data protection to access their private API calls.

Seems ODOO/OpenERP SA growing more towards closed source with API based owe culture. Might developer or odoo community was find something addons based AI or Deep learning but seems here not helpful even in paid enterprise edition.

As conclusion, odoo does not provide any deep learning modules / AI modules, Its just pure API services business model with new SAAS pattern enterprise edition.

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