ODOO 12.0 Recent Released in Oct, 2018

  • odoo 12.0 recent commit.
    • https://github.com/odoo/odoo/commit/961d68f1c5708c514cf039f37fec14fa57737139

ODOO 12.0 New Upgrade

New UIX Looks with colorful, but nothing new as feature

Create Database, old wizard with Phone Number new field given, It was better they give email field for special technical who under support team.

ODOO 12 Community Edition left black color, new purple color added. Something better at least for theme upgrade. But not great in community edition

ODOO 12  Community, longpolling breaks/bug/issue till date available with new release. its really suck in odoo 9.0, but  with odoo 12 life same stuff. Even their no default official way to disable long polling.

Same long polling bugs with odoo 12.0

ODOO 12, Mentality to keep remove / hide feature from community edition continue. Yes. same like odoo 11.0 here with debug mode you can get accounting stuffs, but …. see next screen….

Odoo 12 Accounting, with community edition shrink features of finance. Fiance Important Reports and Wizard removed completely.  Tweet!

ODOO 12.0, Sale Order with inline add item and framework new feature available.

ODOO 12.0 new activity view available, that’s mainly summery over all records.    

Odoo 12.0 default demo data upgraded, Something really hard work they do for community version.

Odoo 12.0 Dashboard, Yet same issues with ipad and tablet for rendering, cuts the bottom parts.

Odoo 12.0, invoice creation with same as odoo 11.0 version 

ODOO 12, Same configuration wizard with new way of inline configruation suggestion.

ODOO 12.0, CRM looks as odoo 11.0. 

With new CRM, get more activite details.

Odoo Apps refinement comes with new “upgrade” button force towards Enterprise Edition.

Finance Module, really stuck with odoo 12.0   Odoo 12.0 bring better feature like OdooBot, but its again binded with longpoll, indicate new features, but really long polling feature slow down and critical with other process.

That’s what max Odoo 12.0 have, we expect odoo 13.0 will be bring new feature. Yes we keep dig new odoo 12.0 and release our new article. new migration of odoo 12.0 is not right now until next 3 month. Once odoo 12.0 top bugs shorted than only better plan of migration. Odoo 12.0 manage new features and looks show off, but really important core feature like finance no more available.


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