Odoo & CsCart Integration Business complete application solution, Solution  helps your business to boot the speed and optimize the work level, also manage many automation process. The integration solution manage your Cs-Cart Webshop Orders, Products, Stock Level, Prices, also manage products and suppliers synchronization. Best thing is no need more integration with CsCart, just OpenERP manage Shipment creation in cscart too.

This is such excellent automation solution which helps your business to work in right manners, after importing orders, drop-shipment features, Manage automation purchase order/ vendor orders and drop shipment movement within OpenERP system, it also help to send vendor/supplier emails updates. By getting new stock in your warehouse via just one click you can update cs-cart without login inside it, with product stock and product prices and more features too. Here below basic screenshot show you business flow. Really this pretty simple and robust solution very easy to use and easy to manage for long term, also more then one cs-cart web store allow to configure and manage via single instance. Really a great solution.

Cs-Cart Synchronization


In above screen we can see fields Auth Email for login email id, Auth Password is API password, URL is main web shop URL which we expect to synchronize, rewrite field mark when web shop enabled with rewrite mode, payment type need to select so it helps to manage invoice payment as per business desire.

1 Import Suppliers

First of all import all supplier details from Cs-Cart to OpenERP, So in your purchase management all cscart suppliers will be imported.

2. Import User

It imports all users from Cs-Cart to OpenERP and create OpenERP partners which we can be use anywhere inside ERP system.

3. Import Categories

Import all the Categories from Cs-Cart to OpenERP, It create product categories inside OpenERP.

4. Import Products

It import all the products from Cs-Cart, It also synchronize the suppliers as same configured inside Cs-Cart. This make best feature to manage drop-shipment feature of this solution.

5. Import Orders

Import all the orders from Cs-Cart to OpenERP, It best way doing importing not just importing processed order but also import completed orders and other status based orders too.

Cs-Cart Complete Order:

Import orders inside OpenERP also create invoice and payments too & mark done as sale order.

Cs-Cart Processed Order:

Import orders inside OpenERP as sale order, auto invoiced + paid, just we have to process drop shipment and tracking number then OpenERP syn. Cs-Cart Order status & shipment too.

Cs-Cart Declined / Cancel Order:

Import orders inside OpenERP as sale order and mark as cancelled order. Cs-Cart Open / Failed Order: Import orders as sale orders inside OpenERP as sale quotations.

6. Export Products

Export update from OpenERP to CsCart, Update the product name, prices, stock values & description.

7. Export Orders

Export Order status synchronization from OpenERP to Cscart, When OpenERP mark done and cancel order status or also after shipment sent, It mark completed as Cs-Cart orders.

1.) Login to your account.Now click on order tab and select view order from that.Click on the add order button which is at upper left corner with “+”this label.

2.) After adding order now add products according to your needs. By clicking on the button named “add products” .After fill all the required details of products and quantity of products.

3.) After that click on the button named ”create and process payment”. After that it will place your order and you will get the message like this :

4.) Now login to your OpenERP account. click on the CsCart tab.From side menu select ”Settings” menu and click on the ”CsCartInstances”.From that menu click On the “Import Order” to import your CsCart orders to OpenERP. as given in screenshot :

5.)Now click on “orders” tab to see your imported order.As you can see in screenshot it will display list of orders.

6.) you can view or edit your order by click on that order as you can see in screenshot :

7.) Now click on “purchase order” Tab. like shown in screenshot :

8.) From that click on product it will open new window click on “send new shipment “.it will send your to drop shipment.Now your order is added to drop shipment.you can view it by click on “warehouse” button then on “drop shipment” .

9.)Now your order is added to drop shipment.you can confirm it by click on “confirm & transfer” button .

10.) you can see your shipment in your CsCart login by clicking on “shipment” .

11.)you can view full detail of your shipment in that like this snapshot :

Below snapshots are from upgraded module :

Really awesome OpenERP-CsCart Integration solution, great in working condition, with top quality coded. Very Simplest and Most easy to use.

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