Guideline for odoo, how to create odoo module! As well odoo-app. SnippetBucket Technologies working on odoo, since odoo born as TinyERP with first version to latest enterprise edition.

What is Exactly Odoo module !

Odoo is business application framework with in built ORM (object relational mapping) and MVC (Model View Controller) enable framework. As backend of system works smartly with MV (Model and view) enough to build new feature. As well Odoo have in build common features like security, users, email  accounts (SMTP / IMAP), official standard layout for render records like tree view, form view, box view, kanban view, graph view, calendar view and as well have CRON system to automate certain things. To do such things odoo have standard for module in respect to python package pattern.

Do Not Consider Odoo,
As Desktop Application,
SnippetBucket Only Major Success with Odoo,
Because we respect Client environment.

What and How ODOO create new module !

Odoo have inbuilt MVC + ORM which direct map with database and manage model communication, so database layer at certain level hidden. Major focus over model, views. With own API.

Note: Odoo version 5 to 9 such old API, odoo 10 onward new API grown.

What and How ODOO manifest file works !

To introduce any new module, first create new folder and inside folder need file. Inside this file need to write a dictionary as official standard of odoo given as below small sample.

<embad gist as sample.>

What and How ODOO model build !

A entity, model or table of database can be represent as model. Model have attribute and action or process to perform. Its allows you to define fields, methods and gives ORM features to quick and defined way to easy control your entity as model.

Model in odoo define with python class within python file inside module. Each model have their unique name with and with dot separation as model name. As well model with fields like int, bool, float, char, text, image, url, date, date time and more other relational fields like many 2 one, one2many and many2many. As well additional compute field, more over virtual field. Related field represent reference of many2one with relation to read only mode to view field.

Odoo new API, allow onchange direct define within model as identical. As well we can overwrite ORM methods. Can add new methods. Able to add new decorators as well.

<sample of odoo model gist file>

What and How ODOO views renders !

Odoo have in build controller and view hybrid automated engine which gives facility to just write simple xml file, which automate and build table, navigation, search, form view, calendar and more view.

Tree view:

Allow records to render in tabular format, with row, columns allow to represent data. As well enable action default feature to multi delete. Record to duplicate feature.

Form view:

Allow a record to represent as a form. Within form their many fields, tabs, groups, headers and more flexibility given. Allow to manage fields visibility by security groups, condition as well.

Kanban / Box view:

Allow records to render in box or kanban(Japan introduce). As well allow to box record with group. To easy, quicker control records in GUI way. Sometime nicer arrangement of box view gives awesome to represent data.

Calendar view:

Allow records to render in calendar. Records with date and time based are precisely need to monitor in calendar. Sometime records with deadlines or due date are key important to look in single calendar screen.

Graph View:

Allow to grouped record to visualize in graph view, make more better way to understand smart and intelligently data and grow of data patterns. Gives graph view with bar chart, pie chart, line charts.

What and How ODOO Wizard Interaction works !

Wizard is an interactive screen(s) allow to perform custom operation or process over entities, Wizard is kind of temporary screen / form view allow to build report /  fetch data, update many documents. We had ability to move wizard to wizard to create step by step from one screen to another screen.

Wizard can be render as pop up or inline screen. Wizard highly useful for all custom business operations.

What and How ODOO Reports Engine works !

Report engine framework in odoo, with old version use Python RML processing but with new odoo version use qWeb processing to render report data. You can print any document of ERP as PDF / HTML report as complex level, as well able to print barcode, qrcode, image and more.

QWeb is just another kind of python + template to render data.

With odoo we can build custom SQL reports as well to print complex data. SnippetBucket Technologies own BI modules allows smartly to create business report based dashboard as well. SnippetBucket Technologies with odoo successed goverment and industrial many projects. Since odoo 5.0 version to latest community and enterprise edition SnippetBucket Implement amazing solutions.

What and How ODOO Business Intelligence helpful !

Business Intelligence most common known as BI tools, odoo officials don’t provide such best inbuilt feature, with SnippetBucket Technologies own BI features with odoo makes your business smarter and amazing alert system. BI gives all important factors to show and inline report export features.

Third-Party Integration with ODOO !

Odoo Integration is one of most highly discussed factor as many system migrated inside odoo, as well other apps or third party system need to integrated inside odoo. SnippetBucket Technologies since odoo 5.0 yet date done amazing challenge of integration. We had done integration of ecommerce, accounting tools, GPS system, IOT system and Robotics integration control system with odoo.

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning with ODOO !

Odoo with artificial intelligence and odoo machine learning is most common part of any business need where history data well maintained, where data learning required, as smart  inbuilt system to learn future plan. SnippetBucket Technologies with odoo own self maintain git version control manage many own features. SnippetBucket Technologies own research department manage self revision odoo with added more feature and quality and performance enhancing.

Looking for ODOO Online or Offsite Training ?

Are you I willing to implement apps odoo for your business ! SnippetBucket technologies provide techno-functional odoo training for international professionals. So our clients or consultant can manage their own leads / customer most easily. SnippetBucket technologies ERP team highly experienced on all aspect as SnippetBucket Technologies odoo team contracted with many government and industrial project with support and maintain as well. SnippetBucket odoo team provides QA and Testing and long term support contract as well.

Feel free to contact us, we are happy to serve all international clients.

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