odoo: It is not possible to unreserve more products of … than you have in stock.

Follow below steps to fix bug for odoo stock issue.

SnippetBucket Technologies created a fix for this.

In order to implement it you need to follow below steps:

1. Debug mode

2. Technical/server actions

3. Create

4. Action name: e.g. fix unreserved qty

5. model: ir.actions.server

6. Action to do: “execute python code”

7. copy/paste the fix underneath the pre-existing code

8. “save”

9. “create contextual action”

10. Refresh page

11. Action/fix “fix unreserved qty”

12. Wait for it to load

13. “remove contextual action”

14. Action/delete


It happens because the reserved quantity in your inventory does not reflect the one on your pickings. It’s probably due to a small configuration change while some pickings where open.

An easy way to remove it is to create a server action that executes this code

https://gist.github.com/tejastank/f15c28a9844fbbe66cb08958c897b9ff       Solution Code.

It should repair all the inconsistencies in your data.

Odoo bug fixing for odoo enterprise clients

Fix Decimal for stock unreverse issue.


Odoo bug fixing for enterprise clients


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