Website speed is mandatory for any business, either small business or large business. Uncertain website crowd can increase, so speed become key important. Apache with varnish allow huge level of performance.

Varnish in-memory cache server solution, boost URL access level, as well resources available in memory which higher faster than disk-cache. SnippetBucket Technologies already helps many international cloud and many proprietary business to get their online business faster.

Varnish default port 6081, apache default port 80, so to make faster website need varnish in configuration with apache to speed. Basic HTTP websites to enable with varnish, we need varnish on 80 as port and apache on 8080. As well varnish backend server apache with 8080. Make it works. With this configuration all websites start to work with varnish cache and be great performance.

SnippetBucket team many server with right configuration parameters without any leaks, so our customer website load in 0.xx seconds. as more crowd website perform faster.

HTTPS: Normally with varnish, for HTTPS we need to set proxy with 80 in apache virtual host configuration. For HTTPS with Odoo SnippetBucket had great way implemented with our technical team. Which enable odoo higher faster for ecommerce and website features. As well gives greatness to use odoo backend. After varnish setup as more odoo use, more faster it works.

SnippetBucket Technologies already done great server establishment for government projects and mid to big size businesses. Feel free in case you looking for faster and greater performance of your odoo server or cloud server.

Feel free to contact us, we are happy to serve our clients.

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