Django is a free and open source web application framework which is written in Python. A collection of modules, that make development easier, is called Framework. It is built by highly experienced developers, it make Web development so easy. Hence your primary focus is only writing your app without needing to reinvent the wheel. And we are here to provide you best Python Django Training in Ahmedabad.


Why learn Python Django?

While building a new site, one requires a strong and secure foundation that protects transactions and sensitive data. For instance, ecommerce site, Django is a great framework to use. It hides your source code by default, and it’s often one of the first frameworks to respond to a new vulnerability. Also it is scalable because it can handle heaviest traffic. It powers many of the Web’s most-popular sites, like Pinterest and Instagram. Facebook uses Django for various behind-the-scenes utilities.

Course Content

 Learn what is Python? what is Django?
 Installing Django
 Models & Database
 Create and handle Forms
 Migration & Django Admin
Django & Web Programming Concepts
 How to handle dynamic web pages

Python-training-in-ahmedabadExplaining Python and Highlighting Its Importance
Python-training-in-ahmedabadSetting up Python Environment and Discussing Flow Control
Python-training-in-ahmedabadRunning Python Scripts and Exploring Python Editors and IDEs
Python-training-in-ahmedabadLaunch the Python interpreter
Python-training-in-ahmedabadWrite basic commands on the interpreter

Python-training-in-ahmedabadDefining Reserve Keywords and Command Line Arguments
Python-training-in-ahmedabadWorking Around Dictionaries and Sets
Python-training-in-ahmedabadWorking with Files
Python-training-in-ahmedabadLearning the xrange() Function

Python-training-in-ahmedabadUsing Class, Objects, and Attributes
Python-training-in-ahmedabadDeveloping Applications Based on OOP
Python-training-in-ahmedabadLearning About Classes, Objects
Python-training-in-ahmedabadExplaining OOPs Concepts
Python-training-in-ahmedabadImplementing Databases Using SQLite
Python-training-in-ahmedabadCRUD Operations
Python-training-in-ahmedabadClassify Errors and Developing Test Units
Python-training-in-ahmedabadHow to Debug Python Scripts Using pdb and IDE

Python-training-in-ahmedabadExplaining Functions and Various Forms of Function Arguments
Python-training-in-ahmedabadLearning Variable Scope, Function Parameters and Lambda Functions Sorting Using Python
Python-training-in-ahmedabadException Handling
Python-training-in-ahmedabadPackage Installation and use
Python-training-in-ahmedabadRegular Expressions

Python-training-in-ahmedabadDjango Installation & Configuration
Python-training-in-ahmedabadMVC Applied To Django Plus Git
Python-training-in-ahmedabadCreating a Basic Django App and Views
Python-training-in-ahmedabadModels, Databases, Migrations and the Django Admin
Python-training-in-ahmedabadUsing HTTP Request and URLCONF
Python-training-in-ahmedabadCreating a Simple View Using Django

Python-training-in-ahmedabadDjango Template System
Python-training-in-ahmedabadLoading Template Files and Rendering Templates
Python-training-in-ahmedabadCreating Forms and Processing Form Data
Python-training-in-ahmedabadRendering django forms as html
Python-training-in-ahmedabadValidating django forms
Python-training-in-ahmedabadCreating Form Field Normalization
Python-training-in-ahmedabadCreating Forms Which Accepts Data from Users
Python-training-in-ahmedabadHandling File uploads
Python-training-in-ahmedabadDefining Database Models and Using Model Fields
Python-training-in-ahmedabadUsing QuerySets for Data Retrieval
Python-training-in-ahmedabadUsing jQuery and AJAX with Django for Creating Websites
Python-training-in-ahmedabadConcepts of Data Serialization
Python-training-in-ahmedabadUsing REST Framework
Python-training-in-ahmedabadUsing Serializers, Deserializers and Model Serializers
Python-training-in-ahmedabadCreate REST APIs
Python-training-in-ahmedabadFile Upload
Python-training-in-ahmedabadAdvanced Emailing


This comprehensive and detailed Python Django course will help you master in various aspects like basics of python, installation, Django AJAX, Django jQuery, REST etc.

Python and Django enable developers to create customized web applications without writing additional code and also the maintenance is easy. Individuals and organizations alike can avail numerous benefits from this course.

We have highly professional trainers who are industry trained professionals. You will surely learn very useful and practical things here in Python Django Training in Ahmedabad.

Time Frame

It takes only one month to get hand-on with Django !

Earn a Certificate

When you finish every course, you’ll earn a Certificate for Complete Python Django Training that you can share with prospective employers and your professional network.


5000 INR

So what are you waiting for? Advance your career and increase your knowledge by learning Django!!!

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