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    About Us

    If you are a web developer or aspiring to be one then it is prudent that you learn about all the latest web frameworks that will help you develop successful web applications. A framework that is fast gaining popularity is Django. What makes Django popular is that it is built on Python—a language known for keeping code clean and seamless. This makes the Django code robust and reusable, enhancing productivity and quality. Our Django course will teach you the core concepts of Django, starting from the basics and moving towards the advanced. You will learn how to make your web applications a success by maintaining code, increasing reusability, fixing bugs, and using effective template and interface systems by attending our Django classes. Django certification will be given to the candidates by our institute who have completed the course successfully. The cost of the coaching is affordable and we also offer free materials to the registered candidates that help towards your career goals.

    Duration Time

    1 month training

    What you'll learn

    Django is the most popular and most mature Python web development framework around. It makes it easy to build better Web apps more quickly and with less code. Building web sites with Django is not just smart and efficient, but fun too!

    In this course, Django Fundamentals, you will learn how to build a complete web application with Django.

    First, you'll see how to create attractively styled pages using Django templates.

    Next, you'll learn how to add URL mappings for these pages, and handle user interaction with forms.

    Finally, to store and manipulate data, Django offers a powerful model API and admin interface, and of course these are covered as well.

    After finishing the course, you will have a good overview of all the essential parts of Django and how they work together, so that you can go on and build your own websites in Django.

    Course Contents

    Module 1: Introduction to Django 


    About Django

    Django Components

    Installing & Configuring Django Components

    Django Pre-Requisites

    Downloading & Installing Django

    Choosing a Database

    Creating a New Project

    Module 2 : Generating simple Django Views

    Generating Simple Django Views

    About View Functions

    Using Django's HttpResponse Class

    Understanding HttpRequest Objects

    Using QueryDict Objects

    Module 3: Configuring URL conf's

    Configuring URLconf's

    About URLconf

    Regular Expressions

    Expression Examples

    Simple URLConf Examples

    Using Multiple URLConf's

    Passing URL Arguments

    Module 4 :Django Templates

    About Templates

    Template Fundamentals

    Creating Template Objects

    Loading Template Files

    Filling in Template Content (Context Objects)

    Template Filters

    Template Tags

    More on For Loops

    Template Inheritance

    Easy Rendering of Templates

    RequestContext Processors

    Global Context Processors

    Module 5 : Forms

    Getting Data From the Request Object

    A Simple Form-Handling Example

    Making a Contact Form

    Tying Form Objects Into Views

     Module 6: Database Models with Django 

    About Database Models

    Configuring Django for Database Access

    Understanding Django Apps

    About Django Models

    Defining Django Models

    Understanding Model Fields & Options

    Table Naming Conventions

    Creating A Django Model

    Adding the App to Your Project

    Validating the App

    Generating & Reviewing the SQL

    Adding Data to the Model

    Primary Keys and the Model

    Simple Data Retrieval Using a Model

    Understanding QuerySets

    Applying Filters

    Specifying Field Lookups

    Lookup Types

    Slicing QuerySets

    Specifying Ordering in QuerySets

    Common QuerySet Methods

    Deleting Records

    Managing Related Records

    Retrieving Related Records

    Using Q Objects

    Creating Forms from Models

     Module 7 : Using the Django Admin Interface

    Using the Django Admin Interface

    Enabling the Admin Interface

    Creating an Admin User

    Module 8 : Access Control with Sessions and Users

    Access Control with Sessions and Users

    Cookies & Django

    The Django Session Framework

    Sessions in Views

    Session Tuning

    Installing Django User Authentication

    Using Authentication in Views

    Login and Logout

    Building your Own Login/Logout Views

    Authentication Decorators

    Adding & Deactivating Users

    Asynchronous Messaging

    Managing Permissions

    Module 9 :Generic Views

    Simple Generic Views

    Using Generic Redirects

    Other Generic Views

    Create/Update/Delete Generic views

    Module 10 :Deploying Django Application

    Deploying Django Applications

     Module 11 : Django Case Studies

    Django Case Studies.

    In this course, we go in-depth into various Django concepts to provide a comprehensive guide to topics that include:

    Django Models

    Model Instance Methods & Properties 

    Model-level field validation

    How models map to databases and Primary Keys

    Django Forms and Formsets

    Relating Data with Foreign Keys in Django

    Handling Subdomains with Django Hosts

    Form validation

    Model Form

    Function Based Views (FBVs)

    Class Based Views (CBVs)

    CRUD in Django Views (Create Retrieve Update Delete List)

    Django Templates

    Template Inheritance 

    Template shortcuts & Filters

    Django translation

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