is a video surveillance solution, which works with any camera and on every Linux based machine. You can deploy a fully configured video surveillance system within a few minutes on the environment you prefer: Raspberry Pi, Docker, Kubernetes cluster. Great UX and scalability is one of its keys differentiators

Many people are confused, and don’t understand why this project is called Kerberos(dot)io. If you’ve been in the IT world for a while you will notice that Kerberos is already used for the authentication protocol Kerberos. We believe that the name Kerberos(dot)io makes sense for this project as well, with a strong emphasize on the suffix .io, which stands for input and output devices (e.g. any type of camera). Kerberos(dot)io can be seen as a kind of security protocol driven by hardware devices such as surveillance cameras. To make writing easier we will from now on, refer to Kerberos instead of Kerberos(dot)io.

As burglary is very common, we believe that video surveillance is a trivial tool in our daily lifes which helps us to feel a little bit more secure. Responding to this need, a lot of companies have started developing their own video surveillance software in the past few years.

Nowadays we have a myriad of expensive cameras, recorders, and software solutions which are mainly outdated and difficult to install and use. Kerberos goal is to solve these problems and to provide every human being or enterprise in this world to have their own ecological, affordable, easy-to-use and innovative surveillance solution.