Procurement business is growing faster by 2020 onwards and warehouse bubbled by large number of products. Its time of start warehouse and location tracking by robots. Procurement become self intelligent and over all market analysis become key focus area. Based on it warehouse as well day by day keep walk towards morder way of life.

RFID already exploited in stock location and stock counting technologies. All marts and retail business hubs allmost grown with minimum RFID. Even RFID exists their still some business can’t fullfill by RFID where Beacon are popular. Beacon capture world focus for smart and intelligent way of warehouse and location tracking.

RFID as low cost simple technology. Where Beacon become self intelligent and smart world solution. Beacon it self help to track item, as well more sensors gives new capability of stock tracking, human tracking and advacement.

SnippetBucket Technologies works on RFID and Beacons both based on how business owner stategic their policies. SnippetBucket Technologies had already worked with IOT technologies. Our team is innovative and creative for start government and industries.

SnippetBucket RFID and Beacon warehouse location tracking system helps business to become smarter and intelligent to manage their business deals faster and accurate.


  • Low Cost
  • Simple
  • Without Battery Power
  • Can’t track or no Smartness
  • Very less Maintance


  • Smart and Self Tracking
  • Bit costly (Bulk purchase better one)
  • Battery powered
  • + Two way alert
  • + Lighting
  • + Additional Sensor
  • Walk-Through / Navigation in warehouse possible
  • Mobile based tracking enable