Work from home, Its most flexible and easy way to work. Many jobs exists that gives space to work from home. Allow you to be more productive, reduce travel time, save daily travel risk. Resources had good time with their family as well.


Like software company why don’t too much prefer for work from home, even its flexible way to work !

Their are some reasons based on region or localication or based on socity they may impact work from home.

  • At home, missing dedicated focused environement
  • Higher chances of company allocated hardware may damage.
  • Internet problems or Power cut. yet in many countries with some location regular power.
    • Affect timelines
    • Affect communication
    • Affect collobration
    • Affect lean focus
  • Precastination at remotely, damage tasks in case some resource are not self decipline.
  • Some resources had family/socity makes panic and keep intrupt resource workout.
  • In case laptop/hardware don’t had enought security, than unethical resource may damage project instead productive work.
  • Resources consume more than on task than required, as well for blocking points can’t immediate resolve.


Work from home is very good but not for all. In india work from home mostly fails. We tested for a week, resources mostly fail to work as good or higher productive they work from office. Some resources without office network communication kills deadlines, which effectly work in SnippetBucket Technologies office environment.

Skills Upgrade

Remotely work plan don’t work effectively as many time resources skills set and implemenation logic need to upgrade. As well faster communication to resolve blocking points higher fail in work from home.

That’s so individual freelancers kills projects and products. Where as SnippetBucket Technologies remove lot many panic for project owner and make lean and accurate development for return of investment.

That’s I share recent experinced work from home, in INDIA.